Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fill the feeders

Just a quick jaunt down this morning to replenish the feeders. One has peanuts in and the other has a 'finch type' mix with black sunflowers.

I decided to watch the feeders after filling and it was noticeable that the Great Tits preferred the peanuts, whilst the Blue Tits fed exclusively on the seed mix. The Great Tits had to work for their breakfast by chipping away at the nuts, whereas the Blueys just grabbed a piece and shot off to a branch to eat it.

There was an absence of Blackcaps, a lone male Chiff singing, several 'squeeky' Robins (maybe new-comers), one or two high flying thrushes and a pair of Gadwall on Fingers that are now resplendent in their "normal" plumage. A Kestrel came and hovered above the 'Rough' looking for prey items but decided to retreat to a perch high in the lakeside willows and survey the prospects from there. It was blowing "half a gale" and I sympathise with him/her.

I suspect we will get a ringing session in sometime next week, wind and rain permitting, and a reminder that there is a walk next Sunday (11th) starting at 9am from the Visitor Centre.

Ray Burley has made a decent job of the path down by the Kramer hide, which has been soft for years. It's a pity he didn't go an extra 4 yards into the 'Flower Meadow' - which is where the wide, soft and muddy patch will develop as soon as we get any decent rain.

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