Monday, October 05, 2009

Birds (not berries)

Mon: 2 Wigeon on the main lake, pair Gadwall, Kingfisher and 3 adult Herons on Fingers. A pair of Mute Swans and 5 cygnets working collectively to scare off 3 adult plus 3 cygnets from their territory, the main lake. These 5 are more advanced than the 3 cygnets on Fingers; they are showing more white and will even lift their wings to notify 'father' that they are also on their territory (so that he won't try to scare them off ... yet).

Not alot about mid-morning; 12 Cormorant, a similar number of Coots and, while we walked round, the Canada Geese returned en masse to the Sailing Club. Song Thrush were busy taking the sloes. The ground is 'rock hard' and we desperately need some decent rain.
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