Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday 5th September 2009

A beautiful start to the day and fairly quiet early on. A party of ~30 House Martins were busy feeding over the south west corner of the Rough. 2 young Reed Warblers were being fed by one of the parents on the north side of the main lake as I headed down to Fingers. There seemed to be less Reed Warblers first thing but, having been around Fingers, there were a few more in the main lake reed bed on my second pass. A Chiff's about again with a few singing. A party of 3 Greylags were seen over Kingsmead heading south.

Didn't bother with the Canoe Slalom as it was in use but the South West Corner of the main lake was the place to be this morning. First I spotted a Water Rail in the last fishing swim before the Willows, then I watched a Treecreeper in the Willows for a few minutes. At this point the calm of the morning was broken by an influx of Canada Geese. I had just been thinking there weren't many about but by the time I had gotten back round the north side I counted 134. Back in the South West corner there were 23 Coots and a couple of Kingfishers.

Couldn't pick out any Gadwall on Fingers this morning. Pond Skaters appear to have had a good year with thousands of them on East Fingers the last couple of weeks.

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