Monday, September 07, 2009

7th Sept

At a loose end after a heavy cold, so went bird-catching! Just in the middle of the day from 10 'til 2.

13 new + 6 re-traps: Wren (1) [female, 2007 or earlier], Dunnock (2), Robin (1) [Long Hedge juvvie], Blackbird 1 [fresh youngster, male], Blackcap 2, LTT 1, Blue Tit 4 (1), Gt.Tit 4, Treecreeper (1), Bullfinch 1 [juv male].

Other interesting bits: a young(ish) Hedgehog, Little Egret, fem Sparrowhawk, gulls taking flying ants over NM, and a (female) Goldcrest that came to see what was making all the noise as I took a Blue Tit out (it was less than 6' away). Another pile of feathers, this time a Woodpigeon.

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