Sunday, June 21, 2009

CES ringing - 13/06

Late news, I'm afraid.

Thanks to Guy and Ed for doing this one for me - while I enjoyed the sunshine in SW Scotland! Total of 40 birds, of which only 2 were retraps.

(Adults then juveniles) : Wren 1/2, Dunnock 1/4, Robin 0/3, Blackbird 2/0 (both breeding females), Reed Warbler 1/0, Whitethroat 0/4, Blackcap 1/8, Chiffchaff 2/6, Blue Tit 0/1, Great Tit 0/3, Chaffinch 0/1.

So, some later broods of Wren, Dunnock and Robin plus the main broods of Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Whitethroat. Finches and Garden Warblers to come, eh, plus more Blackbirds?
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