Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ringing on Thurs 2nd April

After all the habitat management work, it was time to put up the "summer" nets and see what was about. This was despite the cold and damp morning with a chill easterly wind. This counts as an 'extra visit' for CES purposes. We cannot ring the CES site now until the end of the month (CES rules), i.e. visit No 1.

We did manage to catch 3 Chiffchaffs (1M, 2F), 3 Blackbirds (1M,2F), 3 Great Tits (1 pr + 1M), a poss pr of Bullfinches, 3 Wrens (1M, 2F) and single Dunnock and BlueTit. Interestingly, the female Blackbirds were a third heavier than the same-sized male!

Up to five Swallows kept early company and we could hear three male Blackcap within easy earshot. The Woodpigeons were "at it" for quite some time and the Magpies were showing off their new home. A Squirrel dained to look for a free meal - but the feeders are now empty and will remain that way until October/November!

See IRG blog for Bullfinch with Knemidokoptic mange.
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