Saturday, March 21, 2009

Long Hedge 21/03

A good ringing session early this morning; frost at first, warm sunshine later!
32 birds caught of which 21 were new. Our first Blackcap, a male that was hatched in 2003 and as such is our oldest known. A surprise turned up in the shape of a Redwing, an adult female. There were 15 in the Park leaving a roost Thursday just gone. The best of the day must go to the Long-tailed Tits; we netted four pairs separately, where every male had a Priory ring on, but every female was assumed to be an incomer, since they were not ringed (they are now!).
In the past, when we were ringing at both Priory and South Mills, we used to get an exchange of LTTs between the two sites.
Totals - Wren 4, Dunnock 2, Blackbird 3, Redwing 1, LTT 8, Blue Tit 4, Great Tit 6, Blackcap 1, Bullfinch 2, Chaffinch 1.
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