Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

Much colder this morning with frost on the ground in the more sheltered areas. Thought there might be more wildfowl in this morning, with the shooting heard all morning from the direction of Octagon, but sadly not.

On the main lake:
25 Pochard (1f)
1 Tufted (m)
12 Shoveler
19 Cormorant
4 Great Crested Grebe!

2 Shoveler (m)
5 Teal (3m2f)
at least 4 Little Grebe, possibly up to 6

7 Siskin over the Crescent. A Fox strolled past the Crescent while I chatted to TonyP.

Kingfisher around the Crescent and Water Rail in the Reeds on West Fingers, near the Steps.

Nothing spotted on Fenlake and little up at Fish Ponds, just a handful of Tits and Finches. Another Kingfisher along the Cut between Fish Ponds and the park entrance. Another or same Kingfisher crossed the cycle path and headed into the marina.
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